May 03, 2022

Empty promises won’t cut it


It’s like the big giveaway…

We have promises galore from our political parties as they rush to out-do each other with tantalising sweeteners.

The problem is nothing’s properly costed.

They’re offering voters the sun, moon and stars….so long as they vote for them.

The thing is nobody’s conned by all the talk of reckless handouts.

To borrow the words from ‘Top Gun’, when Tom Cruise is getting a dressing down, ‘the ego’s writing cheques the body can’t cash.’

Voters in Lagan Valley know full well that a broken Stormont cannot afford a raft of gimmicks and giveaways.

Better we had a bit of honesty from the political parties rather than empty promises.

I’ve been straight with people in Lagan Valley. I’ve told it as is it and when I’m elected, I will do all I can to put in place a realistic package of help for people who need it now.

© 2022, Gary Hynds