About Me

I am Gary Hynds, born and bred locally and like many other people I have been frustrated with the lack of governance provided by the local political parties in Stormont, as an independently minded individual and having decided to be the change I wish for I decided the only way to bring about proper accountable governance was to help bring the politics into the national arena. I joined the Conservative & Unionist Party, the Party of Government, the oldest and must successful Party in the history of the United Kingdom. It is the most diverse Party in the country embracing all sections of the community no matter what colour, creed and faith they may be and giving opportunity and equal citizenship to all. I fully accept the stigma around the Party in Northern Ireland, and there are those who have recommended being simply an "independent" would be a better route, however I basically am an independent by being in this Party, as can be witnessed throughout the rest of the UK where elected Party members are not tied down, needing to put Party first, but instead able to put their community first at all times. This is very welcome as the local parties in Northern Ireland are almost robotic in their loyalty to their Party, incapable (or not allowed?) to disagree with their own Party at certain times, to show some independent thought and to put their community first instead. I also believe the benefits for my local area through me being in the Conservative Party and getting elected as a Conservative would be enormous and I would use that influence within the Party to the full extent and to make our area a better place, like so many others throughout the UK.

I have stood for election twice now and my belief is that to represent you it is necessary to continuously hear and listen to your views and concerns. To this end during the last election I personally covered over 5000 doors and through these difficult pandemic times, whilst furloughed from my employment, I volunteered daily with a local charity collecting food and distributing it to those in need.

In 2019 I was appointed Deputy Chairman (Political) of the Northern Ireland Conservative & Unionist Party and after a very successful year decided my main mission was to concentrate and serve the community in my local area of Lisburn and Lagan Valley. I was unanimously elected Chairman of our Party's Lagan Valley Association and now sit on the Party board. I will continue to devote my time to work for real politics to banish the tribal nature of what is, in my opinion, unfortunately the current status quo.

No longer should Northern Ireland be held back and instead a future be achieved for our children and our children's children where they can return from university and get good well paid jobs. Also to those who do not go to university, an economy which can offer careers or apprenticeships. Our children are the future, let us all leave them a legacy that they can be proud of. I ask you to join me on this mission, we all have a role, lets do it!

© 2021, Gary Hynds